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Speech of CEO

         Marketing is implemented in a perpetual transformational environment and as subtle as a game of chess. Facing the fluctuating global market,Based on Ammetals’s advantages in channel resources and outstanding abilities of capital operation and project management, it has embedded chessmen across the entire globe. Ammetals has built outstanding relationships . The developing market gap among various countries and its relative advantages in productivity, Ammetals is implementing its global strategy methodically and with precision.

While playing the game of chess, we should keep calm and focused on the game whole-heartedly. The Global market is full of lures and traps. We should firmly keep on our orientation, obliterate the obstacles and temptation, and generate unremitting efforts to devote ourselves to the development of Ammetals. In the future, we will continue to improve our core competencies so that we can maintain our competitiveness in the world game of chess.
         By contending in the game of chess, we can make friends from all over the world. By playing chess with friends, friendship is ever more significant. The global economy is an endless chess game. We sincerely invite friends of all trades to join hands, and create prosperous future of World trade.
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